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 Corporate Supporters 

FLDR is very blessed to have some Corporate Friends that are willing to lend a helping paw from time to time.  We would like to thank them for all of their support!!!

 Spring Raffle Time!!! 

FLDR is having an online raffle to help raise funds for our special needs pups (check out our Carol's Corner Page)! Please see rules posted below, but check out these fantastic donated prizes!!!

Raffle Information 

Raffle Ticket Information

We certainly appreciate your support in helping our special needs pups by entering our raffle! We would also like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who provided items for the raffle! It means the world to us AND to our special needs pups! It is because of your participation and help that we were able to do this, so...


Each raffle ticket is $1. To get it started off right, a VERY generous anonymous donor has agreed to match the first $5,000 in ticket sales, DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! That means each ticket you buy, an extra ticket is donatd to you, up to the first 5,000 tickets sold!

As a bonus, if you are one of the first 50 people to buy 50 tickets, you will automatically receive a 2014 FLDR Mishka and Friends Calendar! Tickets MUST be purchased using the link below or the speical raffle link on the homepage of our website. Once a prize is added to the page it will not be withdrawn, and new prizes may be added at any time, so check back regularly!!

Please see below for the list of ticket numbers, listed by initials of the purchaser.  Should there be identical initials, we will use the first two letters of your first and last name:) All prizes will be drawn on April 22, 2014 at 10pm EST.  We will be notifying winners by email after posting winning ticket numbers by the prize pictures here on our website and posting a list on our Facebook page! If you have any questions, please email us at:


Hurry! Only

left to buy tickets!! GOOD LUCK, FLDR fans!!!!

Raffle Prizes!! 

Pictures of the raffle items!


  • Starbucks Gift Basket (not pictured yet)
  • One Night at a Walt Disney World Resort (not pictured yet)
  • More to be added, check back often!!!!!
Raffle Ticket Numbers 
Initials    Ticket #s
AD 934343-934362
AE 433793-433822
AF 182821-182870
AP 183731-183750
AS 932893-932992
AW 933043-934092
BL 182371-182570
BMc 349388-349487
BN 414351-414420, 15805-15844
BV 183951-183970
CB 433753-433782
CKP 17490-17509
CL 184011-184060
CR 349038-349237
CWh 415603-415652
CWi 183831-183850
DaKi 932373-932422
DE 349238-349337
DG 182571-182770
DH 184111-184160
DK 183971-183990
DMa 350393-350492
DMc 350843-350942
DS 15885-15924
DW 184361-184370
EB 17510-17709
EH 350493-350592, 932423-932522
EL 433508-433587, 17290-17329
GF 350253-350302, 15925-15964
GP 415653-415682
HoH 350103-350202
HP 414421-414492
IA 184211-184260
JA 183551-183566
JaLa 15865-15884
JB 433783-433792
JH 932693-932792
JL 432410-432909
JLT 15765-15804
JS 933643-933842
JSL 433488-433507
KA 350003-350102
KC 414493-414572
KF 414603-415202
KG 350363-350392
KKm 183651-183670, 183631-183650, 433713-433752
KKo 182771-182820
KM 16005-16024
KrKl 350693-350792
KS 350793-350842
KSch 183751-183770
KU 184261-184360
KW 350593-350692
LH 15965-15985
LiWr 932543-932642
LL 349953-350002, 183091-183140
LR 350203-350252
LV 432911-432920
LW 350353-350362
MaMa 182891-182940
MeMa 932843-932892
MES 184061-184110
MH 182941-183040
ML 433253-433272, 183791-183810
MMcB 183041-183190
MMcC 933943-934042
MPo 17250-17289
MPu 17200-17249
MT 350303-350352
NMc 414573-414602
PM 933543-933642
PR 183811-183830
PS 434343-434352
PW 17330-17369
RN 17430-17469
RS 15725-15764
SB 934093-934292
SC 349338-349387
SK 183711-183730
SL 414291-414350
SM 17100-17199
SN 17390-17429
SW 932643-932692
TH 934293-934342
TS 183671-183710
TY 184161-184210
VP 933843-933942
 Special Thanks! 

JetBlue Community Connection is a volunteer program designed to align JetBlue's corporate giving with the individual passions of Crewmembers. The program rewards and recognizes crewmembers' dedication to the community, by granting the organization of their choice one roundtrip Travel Certificate, for each service milestone they achieve. Recently crewmember, Diane M, an FLDR Foster Mom, earned 11 round trip certificates for FLDR! Along with these certificates, Diane M was also awarded a $2500 grant to FLDR for all her hours of service. This grant came in at the same time as our Venice Mill dogs in May, and allowed us to save 15 more dogs than we originally planned! For the travel certificates, FLDR sent some of its "crewmembers" out to the SuperZoo Pet Expo in Las Vegas September 11-14 to assist some of our corporate partners in spreading the word of how awesome rescue dogs are. We were also able to attend HHBacker in Chicago, and visit the offices of Fetch! For Cool Pets in New York!! Plus, we will be able to send some of our "pack" back to SuperZoo in July 2013!!  We could not have even considered these opportunities without the generosity of JetBlue and the hard word and dedication of Diane M!! We would also like to thank JetBlue Crewmember John Niebling for his help in making sure we are all taken care of on our flights!! We are excited to spread the work that rescue, and JetBlue, ROCK!!!!

Thank You JetBlue!!

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