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Before and After
Moti's Amazing New Mom!
Harlow's Happy Day!
Whiskey Wins Big!
Liza's Best Day Ever!
Countess Is Counting Her Blessings!
Her new name is Piper!
LucyLu Is Lovin' Life!
Popeye's Brand New Life!
Popeye with his new brother, Jackson!
Gavin's Greatest Day Ever!
Calypso's Dream Come True!
Cisco's Sweeet New Family!
Boogie's Best Day Ever!
Luke's Lucky Day!
Donatella's Happily Ever After!
Boomhauer's Best Day Ever!
Goliath's Big Adventure!
Pansy's Perfect Day!

Glenda's Happilly Ever After!

Sandy's Dandy Family!
Cooper's Happily Ever After!

Sprint's Special Day!

Taco's Terrific Family!
Trixie Gets A TREAT!
Her new name is Carlee!
Scotch's Special Day!
Kingston's Royal New Family!
Frisco's Favorite Family!
Rezi's Happily Ever After!
Flora's Favorite Family!
Her new name is Maggie!

Joker Gets A Winning Hand!

Taylor Is Totally In Love!
Brian's Best Day Ever!
His new name is Houston and he has a Goldendoodle sister named Dallas!
Jimbo's Happy New Year!

Lido's Lovin' Life!

His new name is Micky Mouse!
Tyson's Best Christmas Ever!
Love's Lucky Mom!
Her new name is Weezie...short for Louise Francis!
Sissy's Super New Family!
Her new name is Brooke and her sister is Lexie!
Johnny's Happy Day!
Harley's Happily Ever After!
Darla's Definitley Livin' The Good Life!
Geoffrey Just Loves His New Life!
Abbygail Is Absolutely Thrilled With Her New Family!
Harmony's Singin' A New Song!
Mary's Brand New Life!
Pedro's Perfect Parents!
Nigel Never Thought He'd Get This Lucky!
Spade's Got A Full House Now!
Rocky Is Jammin' With A forever Family!
Cleopatra's New Mom Is A Queen!
Rodney Is VERY Thankful This Thanksgiving!
Alma and Eva Are Loving Life!
Their new names are Evie and Ellie!
Warin's Wonderful New Family!
His new name is Wallace...aka Wally!
Janis Joplin Is Singin' A New Tune!
Her new name is Molly!
Patrick's Perfect Day!
Gretchen Goes Home!
Axle's Big Day!
Precious's Perfect Ending!
Her new name is Lexi!
Walter's Wonderful New Life!
Racquel's Rockin' New Life!
Pumpkin's Falling For Her New Family!
Lyric Is Singing A Sweet New Song!
His new name is Snoopy!
Lofton's Dream Come True!
Ali B's Best Day Ever!
Her new name is Olive!
Horton's Forever Family!
Nico's New Family!
Liam's Lovin' Life!
Eric's Happily Ever After!
Lulu's Lovin' Life!
Jorge's Happy Home!
His new name is Wilson!
O'Flannery's Oh So Special New Home!
Gizmo's Great New Beginning!
Calla's Cool New Family!
Candice's Sweet New Family!
Davino's Happy Day!
Jensen Just Couldn't Be Happier!
Her new name is Lexi!
Manny's Marvelous Family!
His new name is Levi!
Desmond Deserves the Best...and He Got It!
Manny, Now Levi, Has A Marvelous Family!
Trusty's Loyal Family!
Snuffy, Now Lil'Bit, Is Lovin' Life!
Dodger Is Finally Home!
Spot's Special Day!
Nala's New Life!
Midnight's Brand New Day!
Toulouse's Terrific New Family!
Heidi's Happily Ever After!

Chyna Chooses Her Family!

Athena's Special Day!
Cinnamon's Sweet New Life!
Rebel's Really Happy!
Kanga Can't Believe Her Luck!
Sebastian's Special Day!
Trenton's Truly Loved!
Herman's Happily Ever After!
Chelsea Chooses Her Family!
Diesel's Lovin' Life!
Gigi's Grand New Family!
Cosmo's Out of This World Family!
Marcus Meets His Forever Family!

Bailey's Big Day!

Smokey's Special Day!
Dakota and Jonah's Best Day Ever!
Nathan's New Family!
Magnum's New Mama!
Zaxby's Big Day!


Chairty Finds Her Forever Home!
Lucky's Lucky Day!
Snickerdoodle's Sweet New Life!
Ashton's Happily Ever After!
Jewel's Getting the Royal Treatment!
Lilac Is Loved!
Peluche's Perfect Family!
Deseree's Dream Come True!
Houdini (Now Diesel's) Magical New Family!

Houdini now Diesel has settled in nicely with his new family with Alyssa and Josh.  He is the star of the family and has been enjoying play dates with family and friends dogs.  Diesel is so excited to have a family to call his own.

Samson (Now Sonny's) Happy Day!
Shea's Sharin' the Love!
Elmo and David's Forever Family!
Ginny's Special Family!
Hope's Dream Come True!
Simon Says..."I'm Home!"
Bolt's Brand New Family!
Pocket's Full of Love!

Azalea (Now Molly's) Happily Ever After!

Jillie and Esmerelda Are Lovin' Life!
Grace's Forever Family!

Hermione's Happy Day!

Denny's Happily Ever After!
Sheila Sure Is Happy!
Sheila has been adopted and now has big brother, Rascal to play with and a forever home with Jose and Diane

Tex's Terrific New Life!


Painter's Perfect Family!
Painter's new mom says..."As I suspected when first laying eyes on Painter on the web site, he is my FOREVER DOG!!  He fits in so well here and we all slept in the bed last night."
It's A Wonderful Life For Wembley!
Wembley is doing great in his new home and has already found a favorite spot on the couch!
Bronco's Best Day Ever!

Angie's Mom Is An Angel!

Angie, now Maggie May, has found a new home with Marti.  Even though Maggie May didn't make a good impression when you first meet her, Marti was willing to give her a chance and work with her.  Maggie May doesn't do well with a lot of strangers and barks and growls.  Well Marti came prepared when she came to meet her and brought over treats.  Well one thing Maggie May loves is to get a treat.  Soon she was allowing Marti to pet her.  Well it took her no time at all to decide to adopt her.  The foster family took Maggie May to her new home so she could adjust better and the next day's reports were glowing.  Maggie May has found a home where she will be very loved and has run of the house and lots of new fur friends in the neighborhood to play with.    

Scotty B (now Max) To The Rescue!
Diane saw Scotty B. on the website and knew he was the perfect match for her.  Diane has had years of dog experience and understood that Scotty B. was just perfect with only one eye.  Recently widowed, Diane wanted a furry four-legged companion in her life.  As soon as, she and her son Robert arrived, it was clear Diane wasn't leaving without Scotty B. This little guys is going to have the best life.  Diane is works part-time as a nurse practitioner in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Scotty B. will be joining her at work giving him the opportunity to do some rescuing of his own!  Scotty B and Diane are off to pay it forward!
Walt's Wild About His New Family!

Earl's Big Day!


Drexler's Happily Ever After!

Justice Finally Gets What She Deserves!
Her new name is Jackie!
Elf is Ecstatic!
Karen is a first time foster mom in Tampa, who stepped up to the plate to help LDR during the Polk County hoarder crisis. Karen's daughter has a Chi named Princess Sophia, who comes to visit and periodically stays with Karen. She missed Sophia so much when she was gone, that she decided to foster.  Well this foster mom fell in love instantly!  Elf is now Prince Beyla aka Beylie (Beyla means Elf in Norweigan).   He immediately settled right in with Karen.  He is a happy, waggy, loving dog in her home.  Karen was clearly the mom he was waiting for to come take him home forever.  Elf is proof that good things come to those who wait!

Montana's Got It Made!
Carlton's Completely Happy!
A note from Carlton:  Just a note to let you know that I am tail-held-high happy here.  The house is real cool and I've been exploring and making myself right at home.  My new dad smiles at me a lot and I smile right back, wagging my tail...then I do a little dance on my rear legs which really makes him laugh!  He also really, really enjoys that tilt-the-head thing I do.  I know I have impressed my new dad with my good manners.  It's wonderful to be so frequently praised...this is how life should be!  I now have a cat-friend, Pyewacket. She likes to walk with us when I'm on my leash...she's not as playful as I am, but I'm sure in time she'll learn.  My new dad and I have taken several long walks together and so many people passing us tell me I'm very cute.  Yesterday my new dad went out for a while and I showed him how easy I am about going into and being in my wire crate...actually, it was nap time anyway.  
My new dad, Zach is a keeper...a bit quirky, but definitely a keeper.  (And he is an exceptional belly-rubber, which in my world is always a much-sought-after talent).

Fairy's Magical New Family!
Fairy's new name is Pixie!
Cotton's Cool New Mom!
Cotton, whose new name is Lefty, will have a fur brother named Shorty!  His mom just couldn't resist his beautiful blue eye!
Ladybug's Lovin' Life!
George and Audrey were finally ready to welcome another shih into their hearts and home after losing their previous beloved dog. They spoke with the adoption team about many of the dogs, and finally came to the conclusion that Ladybug would be the right fit for their family. They met her, fell in love, and it was home she went!!  They have already emailed us to let us know that they love her dearly and are so excited she is theirs!
Fritz is Feelin' the Love!
Tricia's Truly Blessed!
Guthrie's Got It Good!
Tennison's Best Day Ever!

Tulip's Big Day!

Camille's New Life!
Her new name is Bentley!
Pemberton's Perfect Match!
Pemberton's new name is Marcelino!
Enzo's Happy Ending!
Jacobsen's Hit the Jackpot!
Karen lost her beloved Westie in October to cancer and had been searching for just the right dog to complete her family. She spotted Jacobson and he spotted her and it seemed they both knew it was meant to be. Besides, how could Karen possibly resist those gorgeous eyes (one blue and one black)? Here's to a happy ever after for Karen and Jacobson!
Shelton Sure Is Happy!
This is one lucky little guy.  Shelton is going to be the most loved dog. As soon as they saw him on petfinder Hunter the son told his mom he is the one. His face is adorable and he has the most gentle eyes.   They knew they were ready to have a new four legged friend to love.  The first night I am happy to report that they said that Shelton fit right in and it was a match made in heaven. 

Misty Goes Home!
Xara's Perfect Family!
Aggie Is Finally Home!

Parker's Best Day Ever!

Naddy's Fabulous Family!
Dija's Special Day!

Dija is one lucky little girl she was adopted by Stacy and her family who have been waiting patiently for us to find them the right dog.  Dija is going to have two sisters to love and adore her. 


Magnolia's Suhweet Day!
Carol knew when she saw Magnolia that she was the one to make her family complete.  She dog sits for her son's dog and was ready to add a furry friend to her home.  Magnolia warmed right up to her at the rescue fest and Carol was very excited to bring her home.

Einstein's Brilliant Day!

Joann and Wayne  were looking to add a family member that was just perfect for their home. They drove from Palmetto to come to the event. After walking around and looking,  Wayne saw Einstein and knew that he was the one that their family was looking for. He picked up Einstein and tucked him right into his shirt because he was shivering.  Einstein is one lucky guy because he is going to be one spoiled pooch. Joanne had made a special pillow for their new family member to make the ride home even more comfortable for him. 

Dillie's Delightful Day!
Fairy's Dream Comes True!


Holland's Happy Ending!
Holland's new name is Biscuit!
Serenity's Special Family!

Dottie and Stan already had saved Tressel and wanted to save another one of our precious babies.  Serenity was the perfect match for them and their family and a great sister to be with Tressel.  Now their family is complete and Serenity will live her life being spoiled by them.  The new parents report that Serenity has fit right in and has bonded with Stan and just loves to hang out with him while he is watching TV.  

Eli's Excellent Day!
Blanca's Best Day Ever!
Blanca's new name is Bianca!

Nestle's Sweet New Family!

Nestle has a new name...it's Murphy!

Maddy and Paddy's Happily Ever After!

Maddy and Paddy, now Molly and Finnegan with their new fursiblin, Merephie
Tressel's Big Day!
Grady's Doing GREAT!
Zeus's Happily Ever After!
Travis Is Truly Loved!

Well Travis, now Emett, is the hit of his neighborhood! Everywhere he goes everyone has to stop and play with him.  He is a quick learner and has adjusted well to life with Kersten and Jason.  They just adore him.  What a great life Emett is going to have!

Maverick's Marvelous New Family!

Melinda and her family adopted a frenchie from us before.  When Melinda saw Maverick's picture, she had emailed us right away to see if he was available.  She waited patiently for him to recover from his heartworm treatment.  Bubbles and Lola came over to meet Maverick when he was feeling well and they all got along.  Maverick is now known as Chief and is in love with his new home. He gets to go on rides all the time and hang out with the horses and best of all has another boy to hang out with and be his best friend. 

Lillie's Brand New Life!
Belinda's Livin' the Good Life!
Sage's Super New Family!
Steffy's Best Day Ever!
Chanel Is Home for Christmas!
Luigi's Lovin' Life!
Gio's Amazing Happy Ending!
Gio, now known as Theo has a happy ending.  His foster mom's  parents best friends adopted Gio (Theo) after meeting him when she took him to her parents house. Well Terry fell in love with Theo right away and knew this is the little dog she has waited for.  They keep watch on all of our dogs on our website and his story touched their hearts.  Well Theo just started kissing on Terry and Jeff like he knew he was home.  Jeff works from home and Theo is right by his side hanging out as Jeff is working or playing with his fur sibling.  He is so happy in their home that he just can't believe his luck and what's even better is his foster Mommy didn't even go through depression when he got adopted because she gets to go and see him whenever she wants.  He will always have kisses for her for giving him love and to Ms Laurie who came to his rescue and all the LDR fans and to Dr Fink who provided such great care of him
Noelle's Happy Holiday!
Holly's Jolly Christmas!
Vixen's Very Special Home!
O'Henry Is Oh So Lucky!
Frosty's Fairytale Comes True!
Octavio's Happily Ever After!
Magee Is Finally Home!
Jingles Christmas Wish Comes True!
Talulah's Lovin' Life!
Tallulah has relocated to the beach and is loving life!  Today she went to the farmers market where she proceeded to meet every dog and kiss all of their owners.  If someone didn't lean down towards her she would stand on her hind legs and balance there until she had there attention and then the kiss!  Her new family say she has been a joy!

It's a Wonderful Life for Wyatt!

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